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Elijah House is an international ministry that equips & empowers individual's hearts to be healed and changed for fulfilled life.

Who could have imagined? The humble work that began in our little house in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho in 1973 is now a worldwide outreach with headquarters in eleven nations…and counting! What began with just my Mom and Dad is now an army of love, transforming individuals and families through inner healing, bringing wholeness to the prophetic, and healing nations. As a teenager, I remember visitors at our kitchen table who, after spending an hour with my parents, would tearfully ask, “Why haven’t I heard of this before?” Several decades later, people are still asking the same question. Our table is a lot larger now, but there is still a place set for you. Come enjoy the blessings with us. Welcome to our house — Elijah House.

Mark Sandford

We and our whole family have been forever changed by the ministry founded by John and Paula Sandford. This ongoing ministry of healing to our hearts gives us a foundation and sets us free to build a healthy family and ministry.
In all our travels and studies we have not encountered a more Biblical, thorough, and truly inspired ministry. As one of our international EH directors stated, “In discovering EH, I encountered a people fluent in the language of Love.” Kathie and I would certainly echo that sentiment. We invite you to join us by engaging in this life changing ministry!

Robert & Kathie Fetveit


Counseling Ministry

Prayer Counseling: Repentance & Restoration Applied Elijah House prayer counseling was developed through the pioneering work of John and Paula Sandford. It is primarily pastoral in nature, based on scriptural principles and led by the Holy Spirit, through use of listening prayer, inquiry and ot..


Equipping & Training

The vision for Elijah House School of Ministryis founded upon principles from Malachi 4: 5-6 and Matthew 17: 11. In the spirit of Elijah, we call God's people to “restore the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers” and to “restore all things.” We be..



Elijah House is committed to providing pastors, churches, small group leaders and other ministries with valuable tools for the edification of the Body of Christ. We recognize the immense need within the church for sound pastoral counseling tools, and we work hard to provide high quality products..

Welcome to Elijah House

Elijah House USA Promotional Video

on 20-Dec-2015 by Elijah House

In this moving video, Mark Sandford, Spiritual Director of Elijah House Ministries explains why the ministry was founded by his parents, John and Paula Sandford in 1974 and how the teachings have helped people on every continent.

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About the new EH Logo

Matt Rowe - Friday, December 18, 2015

About our logo: We needed a logo that speaks of new life. As we listened in prayer, two of our prayer warriors saw, in their mind’s eye, the image of a tree. It made so much sense! Prayer ministry draws new life through healthy roots where bad roots once grew, so the tree of our life can bear go ..

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