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Our vision for the Elijah House School of Ministry is founded upon principles from Malachi 4: 5-6 and Matthew 17: 11. In the spirit of Elijah, we call God's people to restore the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers and to restore all things. We believe God is passionate to bring restoration to individuals, families, churches, communities, regions and nations.

To that end, we train students to bring healing and transformation to the inner man through biblically-based revelations received by our founders, John and Paula Sandford, and other Elijah house teachers. Students learn to trace bad fruits to root issues such as unforgiveness, negative life decisions and other strongholds in the heart. They learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and follow his leading as they minister. The ultimate goal is not only to heal and transform individuals, but most importantly, to reconcile with others as well as with God.

Training is offered on three levels. 100 level courses include entry-level seminars and individual teachings. 200 level courses are designed to equip and train to minister healing and transformation to others in the body of Christ. 300 level courses will offer advanced training. We offer courses in live or video school format.

Elijah House School of Ministry 201: Levels 1 and 2

(Formerly EH Basic 1) In this course we teach foundational principles and tools for dealing with common issues. Students learn to trace bad fruit to bitter roots formed in the heart (Heb. 12:15), most often in childhood. They learn how to cut off roots at the cross, and bring repentance and healing to the heart. The live 201: L1 and L2 courses are each one week long. Students can take both weeks consecutively, or one week at at time. 201: L1 must be completed before registering for 201: L2.

Elijah House School of Ministry 202: Levels 1 and 2

(Formerly EH Basic 2) Students learn to apply 201 level skills to specific problems such as sexual issues, shame, depression, generational sins, etc. The live 202: L1 and L2 courses are each one week long, and again, students can take them both at once or one week at a time. 202: L1 and L2 are not necessarily consecutive; students can take either week first.

More information on Elijah House School of Ministry 201 and 202

Live schools are usually held in a two week format. Live teachings and demonstrations offer students from around the nation and the world opportunities to directly interact with Elijah House teachers and possibly other staff, and to experience a rich intensive experience away from the distractions of home.

Video schools are led by a facilitator who has graduated from either a live or video school and has been officially approved by Elijah House. The format is usually between three and six months, during which students meet periodically. A benefit is the slower pace and easier assimilation of the material. This format also offers opportunity to form lasting bonds with fellow students from one's own local area.

Prophetic School

This relatively new school has been on John Sandford's heart for more than 35 years. It is offered in either live or video format. Students learn about the call, training, functions and history of the prophetic gift and office, how to understand and use the gift, and how to deal with common pitfalls. There are also two talks on inner healing as it relates to the prophetic, although inner healing is not the focus of this school. The primary focus is the importance of character. This school is not only for prophets in training. It is also for those who have the gift but not the call, as well as those who do not operate in the gift at all, but simply want to learn more about the gift and its place in the Body of Christ. In short, any Christian can benefit! Students do not have to have attended any other Elijah House school before applying for the prophetic school.

We are currently revising and updating our Prophetic School. We will post the dates for the school on the "Events" tab on our homepage.
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