Visions of the Coming Days

Added on Nov 16th, 2012 by Bethany

I must confess that I am a bit of a "prepper".  Being ready to respond to whatever situation nature may throw at me while surviving and helping others to survive as well really excites me!  When it comes down to it, however, most preparation that people talk about is focused only on worldly possibilities.  I'd like to know about those heavenly possibilities, I mean, exactly what does God have planned?  What is He going to be orchestrating from His throne?  God, what are you up to?  Don't you ask Him this same question?  It is so much easier to "prep" both physically and spiritually when you have some idea of what it is you're preparing for. The Father even tells us in His Word that He reveals His plans to His people.

So, how do we discover what God has planned for us in the future, near and far?  One way to start painting the picture is by reading Visions of the Coming Days by  R. Loren Sandford.  I think a portion of the foreword written by John Paul Jackson describes it well:

"I am sure many who read this book will, at some point, become upset and even angry at Loren for the bold stance he is taking.  This book is not a sugar-coated address of a caustic problem. It is tough love mixed with brute reality.  Its intent is to stir a rethinking in the hearts and lives of those who are truly hungry for a deeper and fuller relationship with God, and what He has already told us is coming our way. In some ways, it may seem as if Loren is trying to awaken a slumbering Bride with a nuclear warhead."

Visions of the Coming Days gives us an idea of what to look for and how to prepare!  I found it extremely interesting and confirming in many ways.  If this interests you, then visit our online store  (CLICK HERE!) where you will find this enlightening book on sale now, as well as other informative and thought provoking products. ANY order placed through December 31 will qualify for a special 10% off coupon that may be used on ANY single order placed between January 1st and February 28th, 2013. Shipping is FREE!


I hope you enjoy the read and are better able to prepare for Everything!





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